This Week’s Special: Dark Choco Raspberry Cake!


Spring is my favorite season of the year because I can really wear any colors I want. It is the time when I can smell all different kinds of flowers and see the sun more often every morning. Spring is the transformation for the earth from the cold and dry climate to the fresh and warmer atmosphere. Waking up every morning, listening to the birds chirping. What an amazing life I have.

Oh wait… I forgot that I live in Seattle, the seventh-least sunny days city in the U.S.

For most women, I know it is very hard to be fashionable, yet comfortable in Seattle. The cold weather forces you to cover your body with thick layers clothing, which makes it hard to reveal your curves a little bit. In addition, the rain scares you to wear designer’s bags because they will be ruined.

Ladies, Seattle can’t jeopardize you from being stylish. Here is a look that I put up together for spring 2014 in Seattle.

ImageIn this Dark Choco Raspberry Cake look, I put a floral printed skirt by H&M on top of a black peplum top with neck details by Zara. I layer up the dress with another skirt, so it is a little bit thicker and warmer. For spring fashion, try to not wear black from head to toe, but also do not be too crazy with the colors and patterns. Try to be balance, by combining bright colors and patterns with something simple. In this look, the plain black peplum top calms the floral skirt, and the neck detail works as a sweetener. The floral skirt that I picked is perfect for any kinds of occasions in spring. It is perfect for evening dress because the color is not overly bright, yet it is colorful.


You can add coat to stay warm and keep the accessories from getting ruined by the rain. I picked a nude-colored trench coat by Topshop because nude is a neutral colour which suits mostly everything.


Purse determines the look. It works like an icing on a cake. I put the burgundy Chanel perfect edge jumbo flap bag (look at the first picture) to make the overall looks more relax, perfect for a shopping day. The burgundy color is usually related to fall color. However, it is perfectly fine to wear it in spring, to create a classy look. An alternative to look more formal, change the purse into an evening clutch. I chose one of Alexander Mcqueen’s skull clutch collections, a black clutch with gold studs and skulls, as an accessories to make the look edgier and sexy, but formal.


Christian Louboutin’s shoescollection is the ultimate shoes that a woman at least should have one in her closet. This Black Leather Bianca 120mm pumps by Christian Louboutin gives the formal and sexy sense in this look. The red sole flawlessly matches with the burgundy bag, red floral skirt, and the hot red lips.


fashionista would never forget detail. Imagine all the little berries on top of the icing on the cake. It does not have to be there, but it completes the look. The details that I chose for this look are black round sunglasses by MiuMiu and gold ring by Yves Saint Laurent. The sunglasses are perfect for one of the sunny days in Seattle, it is also edgy but simple. It is perfect for a Seattle look because round shaped-glasses are identics to hipsters. In addition, the gold color from the ring and sunglasses represents class and luxury in a look.

Dear Seattlelites, here are some tips to not ruin your leather goods:

1.     Choose a more weather resistant material.

Suede will never work in a rainy weather. Even though there are sprays to make your suede water resistant, heavy rains are able to ruin it. Been there, done that. Instead, choose leather like lambskin or calfskin, or canvas material because it is more resistant and easier to clean.

2.     Always bring some tissue papers in your purse.

      You will need tissue papers to wipe off the raindrops on your leather accessories because when you spill too much water on it, it might leave a mark when it dries.

3.     Always spray your leather goods with the water resistant sprays

Though it might not work in the heavy rains, it is better to avoid the risks right?

Thank you for reading my first blog, I hope you guys are enjoy and full of information after consuming this sweet colorful dessert! Remember to always pay attention to details and material when choosing your look. Please subscribe and put comments or critics. It would be very helpful to improve my blog.

Here are some great blogs as sources of my inspirations:


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