This Week’s Special: Blackforrest Cupcake!


I can’t believe that it is March already! School is almost over and I am super ready for my vacation. Personally, I hate the last few weeks of class because a stack of assignments and finals are waiting for me at the end of the road. However, this quarter is different for me. Since this is my last year in the U.S, I try to enjoy every second of it.

Fashion is like school, the first day of school is a fashion show. We dress ourselves to have a good image in front of others. However, by the time goes on, the fire goes down. It is hard to put a look together because we are running out of inspiration.

A tip to keep your inspiration on, Fashion doesn’t have to be complicated! Put something simple and stay fashionable.

This look that I put on the model is a simple but bold look. This look is like a blackforrest cupcake. It is simple, a cupcake, but it has a strong taste of rum inside. The key for this look is the simplicity of the white t-shirt by Mango and the boldness of the ripped jeans by Distressed Jeans. Keep in mind, the ripped jeans is complex already, so choose something simpler for the top to calm it down. Or else, you would look like you are going to a parade.

To complete the look, I added the leather jacket with details by Zara. I love this jacket because it is unique and bold at the same time. The details on the body area matches the color of the jeans. 

For this model, I put an oversized t-shirt to add the sense of boldness. However, if you are a curvy type of model, do not wear oversized t-shirts because you will lose your curves and make your body looks bigger.  

Red and blue are my two favorite colors. In this look, I combine the blue jeans with the red accessories. The Rouge Cassaque Collier de Chien by Hermes is a perfect accessories for this look because it is strong. It gives a sense of boldness through its color and shape. As we all know, red symbolises bravery. In addition, the shape of a cuff and silver studs make her look more masculine. 

A woman always need her purse with her. A small Red Vara Flab Bag by Salvatore Ferragamo is a perfect match for the look. It is small but you still can put your phone and wallet inside. The bow also gives a little bit sweet in the look. Putting the cuff and purse is like the icing on the cupcake, it sweetened the look and the taste.

In this look, I put the same Black Leather Bianca 120mm Pumps by Christian Louboutin. It shows that this one pair of shoes fits all look. From the elegant and classy look (look at previous post), to the simple and bold look.

Overall, this look is perfect just to go shopping around Downtown Seattle. It is simple and comfortable, yet fashionable. Just remember that being fashionable can be simple.

Thank you for reading my blog, I hope you guys are enjoy and full of information after consuming this sweet and bold dessert! Remember that do not think to hard to put your look on. Please subscribe and put comments or critics. It would be very helpful to improve my blog.














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